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Tis the Season doesn't have to be Tis the Reason

I’ve spent many years gearing up for Christmas with friends and family, while partaking in baking and cooking and eating and drinking and more eating and eating and…, well you get the drift. I mean, that’s what the holidays are about right? Baking and cooking gifts for those you love and accepting the same gifts in return.

In addition, having to make more room on the counter for more goodies as they come home from friends at church and the kid’s school Christmas party, and your work’s Christmas party’s left overs, so you’re constantly pushing the sweet treats on your spouse, and kids, and one cookie won’t hurt the dog, just as long as the treats don’t get tossed before they technically go bad, because it would be an insult to humanity to not consume ALL the foods that were given to you and yours this holiday season.

By the time New Year’s rolls around, you’ve gained the statistical 1-2 pounds that the average American gains between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even your sweatpants are screaming for you to make some sort of changes to your eating.

We’ve all been there, are there, or never want to relive there again. Just because it’s “the season”, doesn’t mean it has to be “the reason” to eat everything that is baked in our home. It’s okay to just say no thank you to leftover’s and it’s okay to re-gift those delicious treats to those who are less fortunate this holiday season, it’s okay to want to start making better choices when it comes to your health, this holiday season, truly, it’s okay.

Being on IP, I have learned many ways to incorporate the word no. At first I felt like I was offending others, and I’m certain I was, by not accepting what they were offering me, so I would politely say “No thank you” as I put my head down hoping they wouldn’t ask me again, but they always do. I would again say, “no thank you, I’m on a weightless regiment” and would go into details about why I didn’t want to consume their 350 calories a slice of pumpkin pie, it was a constant justification, I mean it wasn’t like they were offering me a car, it was a piece of pie, but for whatever reason, we as American’s feel pressured to oblige to very pie, roll, and potato that is put on our plate.

Now I feel a sense of empowerment when saying no to these things. I know that, yes, we are in the holiday season, but we’re always going to be in the season. There are always going to be birthday seasons, anniversary seasons, vacation season, stressful seasons, and joyful seasons. Seasons are a continual occurrence, staying focused on the end result and being diligent with your food choices will get you to the best season of your life, your healthy season, the season of health and longevity, where you are able to enjoy the things you thought were once impossible with your loved ones, who believe you are irreplaceable. Enjoy this Christmas season with your friends and family and tell them just how much you love them and what this weightless regiment truly does mean to you this season and every season going forward.

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