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Unlock the Key to Weight Loss Success

If you are like most people, you likely believe that losing the excess weight that you have is the most difficult part of your journey. You probably think that Phase 1 of Ideal Protein will be among the most difficult things that you can do in life, and that once you get the weight off and get to Phase 4, or maintenance, that it will all be smooth sailing from there.

However, that could not be further from the truth.

Following any diet will cause you to lose weight, it could even cause you to lose a lot of weight and reach your weight loss goal. The problem is, nationwide, there is only a 5% probability that you will keep the weight that you initially lost off after 5 years.

Why is this?

Most people don't use their diets in the way that they should be used- as a catalyst to create a long-term lifestyle change. Instead, most people use diets as a quick fix for a medical emergency, or a way to lose 20 pounds and look good in their swimsuit for the summer. A successful dieter should learn new habits to sustain their healthy weight and lifestyle in the long-term, and should feel confident in their newfound abilities.

Ideal Protein is truly a lifestyle program

Our statistics in long-term maintenance are significantly higher than the national average, with 60% of our clients keeping the weight that they lost off. Why is this so much different than the rest of the country? The reason for this is our stabilization and maintenance period. The stabilization period occurs after you reach your goal weight and finish Phase 1 of the protocol, and ends about 1 year into maintenance.

Why is the stabilization period so long?

Your body has been on a very low calorie and low carbohydrate diet. To move your body from the Phase 1 Protocol to your Phase 4 whole foods diet, you must gradually increase your calories and intake of carbohydrates. You are also still in the process of establishing new, healthy habits that you are going to be taking into your new lifestyle.

Furthermore, throughout Phase 1, your pancreas was at rest, as the amount of carbohydrates consumed was so minimal that it was not needed for absorption. The slow increase of carbohydrates in the stabilization period helps your pancreas to gradually adjust to processing more carbohydrates, which will lead to more success in future weight maintenance. To ensure your long-term success, you will learn how to maintain in the first few months of your new lifestyle!

When it comes to maintaining the weight that you have lost, the key to success is regular check in's with your coach. It does not have to be weekly, but it does have a huge impact in remembering your "why" and getting back on track if you stray.

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