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Cool Down with a Festive Bomb Pop

We all remember eating the famous red, white, and blue bomb pops when we were kids, and we all remember how refreshing they were. So this Fourth of July grab some IP drinks and make your own! Stay on protocol and stay cool as you watch the fireworks with your friends and family.

Begin by preparing the Blueberry-Cran-Pom and Pina Colada drink mixes using the package directions. If you would like a more concentrated flavor, you can use less water when making them. Store the drinks in the fridge until you are ready to make your pops.

Freeze a portion of the Blueberry Cran-Pom drink in the Popsicle mold and allow it to harden before freezing a portion of the Pina Colada drink mix. Finally, combine what is left of the two drink mixes and freeze that on top as the final layer.

2 Popsicles is 1 unrestricted product, while 4 Popsicles is 2 unrestricted products for the day.

Enjoy this recipe courtesy of Janeva Eickhoff!

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