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Why You Need to Drink More Water While in Ketosis

  1. You are replacing lost water. Not only do you store carbs in your carb tank but you also store a good amount of water. Since you are no longer eating carbs you are no longer replacing water in your carb tank. Hence the 64oz of water minimum rule!

  2. Your kidneys are working overtime while in ketosis. Your kidneys produce the ketone bodies that your body uses as fuel during this time.Water acts as a lubricant that helps your kidneys function at full capacity.

  3. You know that horrible sickly sweet smell your breath takes on during ketosis? Water helps reduce that smell by reducing the effect of acetate (the breath ketone) on the breath.

  4. Curbing those cravings and appetite in general. Your body sends the same signal to the brain when you are hungry and thirsty. Instead of reaching for that snack start with a glass of water. Eventually you will get into a habit where every time you are “hungry” you will reach for your water bottle first!

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