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Bad Habits

Ever wonder how a treat every now and then developed into a bad habit that is hard to break? Let’s start with rewards. You just landed a huge promotion or you’ve put in a 50 hour work week, or you finally have saved enough money for that new car. You start to think; Wow I have worked so hard, I deserve a treat! What do you do next? You go down to that amazing bakery down the street and you get yourself a nice pastry. You tell yourself I deserve this pastry! Before you know it you start rewarding yourself with food, which starts developing into a bad habit that you can’t escape. Wondering how to break them?

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Start rewarding yourself with some fresh air! Get out and go for a walk. Not only are you getting exercise your body is releasing endorphins which make you feel great!

[if !supportLists]· [endif] Get a new outfit! Chances are you need new clothes anyway from losing weight so go out and buy something you feel amazing in!

A reward should make you feel great for a long period of time, and not be something that gives you pleasure for a few seconds before guilt sinks in. Remember you deserve to feel great all the time!

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