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Haunted by Phantom Fat

Phantom fat occurs after a significant weight loss. You hear everyone complimenting you and noticing a big difference, however, when you look at yourself in the mirror you still see the heavy person you once were staring back at you. After all of that hard work how do you finally see the new fit, healthy you? Here are some suggestions….

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]I know many of us do not like getting our pictures taken but I promise this will help! Take a picture of your new self and analyze it- Yes that is actually you! You are that slim person! Compare that picture with one of you before your weight loss.

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Don’t throw those fat clothes out yet! Try them on first and realize how big they are now and how far you have come.

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Visit familiar places. Sit in the chairs, airplane seats, booths at the restaurant and realize the difference and the new comfort level you experience.

4. Visit a counselor. Sometimes just telling an outside party about your journey and how far you have come will help put some things into perspective.

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