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Celebrate Non-Scale Victories

The victory of weight loss is not just focusing on the scale, but on the non-scale victories that happen! The scale can change literally hour by hour. Celebrating the non-scale victories are personal, exciting, life changing and rewarding. Remember, it is not all about the number on the scale, you are so much more valuable than that! Highlighted below are some of the NSV we celebrate at Ideal Protein daily.

· I have Collarbones! – They have always been there, but now you are touching and loving your collarbones, pictures are lovelier than before, and you are beginning to see something you haven’t noticed about your beauty for years. Honestly, the NSV of seeing your collarbones is exciting and happens early in your journey. One client has been mimicked by her young students for touching and tapping her collarbones. She was so excited to have them it became a habit to literally embrace them. Others have had wedding dress fittings and loved how their collarbones and neckline look in the perfect dress. Being able to say, “I have Collarbones!” This is a NSV!

· I crossed my legs! - Crossing your legs is something that comes naturally and goes away with extra weight and you are unaware of it until you are really struggling to rest your leg across the other. After weight loss, suddenly you will sit on the couch, in the pew at church, at work, in the theater, and think to yourself or shout out load, “oh my goodness, I just crossed my legs.” Ideal protein clients share the leg crossing NSV weekly. They don’t even know it’s coming and then it happens!! With great excitement, they are saying, “I crossed my legs!” This is a NSV!

· I fit into a size I haven’t seen in years! – It is habit to walk strait to the larger rack at the store, order a XL or just avoid the department store all together. The NSV is when you holler at your shopping buddy to bring you a different size, SMALLER!! Or others walk into the plus size and the sales person shows them to the petite selection. You are lost in the store, but this is a good thing. Your shoes may not even fit. This takes time and you will discover the NSV over and over as you try on new clothes and styles, look in the mirror, and find that dress you have always loved in the back of the closet. We have had Ideal Protein Clients set goals to fit into the jeans from high school and miss the opportunity to wear them because now the jeans are too big. They missed the window of time to wear them and have lost more inches than they ever expected. When you say, “Wow, I fit into a size I haven’t seen in years!” This is a NSV.

The victories that are not scale related are many. Health, happiness, new habits, less crowd related anxiety, better sleep, activity level, wanting to workout, new lease on life, and more

. NSV outweigh the number on the scale. We encourage you to list your NSV and embrace them with a huge smile! You have come along way, and are victorious! Being able to recognize your NSV is a truly the best victory.

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