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How would you feel if someone told you that you are being robbed 20 years of your life? Would you stand in line waiting for a magic pill that would offer those years back, or longevity? Many of us would. We would love to see our children grow, be able to keep up with our grandchildren, make more memories with our spouse and loved ones. You know, we are each deserving of those 20 years of longevity. Unfortunately, we are being robbed of those 20 years by an epidemic that we have all seen, and most of us experienced. The epidemic? Obesity. According to a research study done on Morbidity and Mortality Associated with Obesity, shared by the US National Institutes of Health, “The life expectancy of a severely obese person is reduced by an estimated 5–20 years.” Obesity opens the door for and feeds a great number of metabolic syndrome diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, increases risk of many more auto-immune diseases and chronic diseases. However, did you know that obesity can still be defeated? By losing weight you can gain those years back, and more importantly have your quality of life improve in so many ways!

Obesity is likened to a thief. It robs you of the most precious thing called Life. Obesity has no preference and discriminates against none, there’s no age or race to this epidemic. We are all at risk.

Now, there is no magic pill. However, there is a protocol that is pretty close to that. This protocol is Ideal Protein at Ideal Weight Loss of Yakima. We are helping people lose hundreds of pounds and we witness lives being transformed. In Yakima, we are making a change. Most importantly, we are helping you gain those years back that you have been robbed, by obesity, the thief.


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